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Брати. Остання сповідь- Official Trailer

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Опис матеріалу:

Director: Victoria Trofimenko, DOP: Yaroslav PilunskiyPsychological drama, 120', directed by Victoria Trofimenko, produced by Igor Savychenko and Maxym Asadchyi, production company PRONTO FILMThe film is a psychological drama developing on the highlands of the Carpathian Mountains. Two helpless old men, brothers, are desperately trying to keep up competition with each other in order to prolong their lives. Even though their bodies are decaying and both are sick, the one still wants to outlive the other. But one day a woman enters their remote dwelling...The film is based on the іestseller "Hummelhonung" by Torgny Lindgren.https://www.facebook.com/Brothers.The.final.confessionhttp://brothers-film.info

Мова: Українська
Тривалість матеріалу: 00:01:30
Автор: DariaProntoFilm